Hygiene: A Pillar Of Luxury

Impeccable hygiene is a prerequisite for a luxe experience at a salon or a Spa. Hygiene is one of the most important elements that helps you build trust with your clients and gives them an unforgettable experience. Maintaining highest standards of hygiene is significant for the comfort of the client and gives them an intangible experience of luxury. One needs to pay meticulous attention to finer details that usually get unnoticed by the clients. How are you going to maintain hygiene when no one is watching?

Sterilization of all equipment

Sterilization is an extreme physical or chemical process that eliminates all forms of microbial life, including transmissible agents (such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, and all bacterial spore forms). Sterilization is required with any implement or tool that penetrates intact skin and contacts the vascular (blood)system and can be achieved by applying heat, chemicals, or irradiation. Once an equipment has been sterilized it is safe and healthy for everyone. The entire process of sterilization should be embedded in the minds of all the stylists, therapists, and helpers responsible for managing the salon.

Purification of Air with air purifiers

While we all are extremely discerning about the sorts of food and drink, we put into our bodies, we’re markedly less so when it comes to the quality of air that we breathe. Investing a few bucks in a premium quality air purifier for your valuable clients to breathe purified air is certainly a good idea.

Significance of Clean Towels

Filthy towels are hands-down the most worrisome if you aspire to build a luxury spa or salon. Clean towels are your secret weapons to fight the germs and keep your clients safe and protected. Use of clean towels reduces the risk of bacteria and cross infection by a drastic margin.

Hygiene is a dominant force that influences our decision to choose a salon or a spa. Paying minute attention to details of hygiene is the prime responsibility of all stakeholders. Everyone needs to be a leader while maintaining hygiene and set high standards to inspire others. As far as the trends in the luxury salon and spa segment are concerned, quality control will remain paramount and promoters of luxury spa’s and salons will have to ensure rigorous verification process by all quality inspectors present in the salon. Indians are notoriously status and value conscious, they need to be made the owners of the luxury.