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Experiences Offered


Analysing your hair texture, thickness, and health quotient is a prerequisite we follow for every customer. The products we use are specifically selected to suit an individual. Your hair will thank you for visiting Magnifique.


Spas that are out of this world; if there’s a heaven on earth, it’s at Magnifique. Our spa and massage session will take you to a tour of the seven heavens and transform you into a rejuvenated and refreshed person.


Attention to detail is incomplete without perfect nails. You can be dressed at your best but if you haven’t got those splendid nails, something feels missing, isn’t it? No need to worry about that anymore as our Nail Art artists will take care of your nails and pep up your style by tenfold.

Bride & Groom

Your wedding is the most important day of your life and we know how to make it magnificent. Our bridal makeup is well thought according to your wedding theme, aiming for a Magnifique look. Grooming the groom is equally important and our experts have a deep understanding of men’s skin and hair. We aim nothing but an elegant and confident look for the groom.

Fluid Vanité

Our pursuit for a luxury driven services led to creation of Fluid Vanité, which we love to call as MagFV. MagFV is an innovative solution which delivers luxury at your doorstep. It’s a mobile green room with high end makeup studio crafted right inside. Equipped with all the necessities, it can get you and your whole family be spotlight ready with the kind of hair and makeup they need.